1. Can’t quite see the first draft on the far left, but the development of the front cover of the magazine!

  2. Our very proffessional lighting and camera set up!

  3. Polaroids are too big to fit nicely with character profiles so will have to make them smaller


  4. Trying to find an appropriate angry song for the middle section of the program is kinda difficult because I don’t want it to be screamo but not too rock either and it can’t be too much of a well-known band cause hipster theme!


  5. Editing

    Squeezing all the footage into two minutes in editing, the story line isn’t very clear so i need to get the voice-over for Faith onto it, need to script it and record it!

  6. Developing the front cover of the magazine is difficult in the sense that deciding what looks more professional and what looks more like the front cover of a magazine can’t be done by always comparing other existing magazines because then nothing new’ll be produced (or interesting). 

    Changed the font because the other one is quite ugly/too bold 


  7. Trying to make the front cover of the magazine look professional and having some difficulty so i’m going to have to do some more research perhaps on Empire and SFX magazines (for example)


  8. I’ve completed all the filming (hopefully) over the half term so now have to edit it all together and produce something good in print…

  9. Film Stills of production work and during filming, on location & of the cast (with captions)

  10. Found this on a detour to finding some patterns for my magazine, hopefully the portrayal of hipster i’m doing can be seen as humorous and the details of being ‘hipster’ won’t be scrutinized harshly